Rob Elshire

rob_website_scaledRob has a long history working with molecular markers. He was the inaugural director of the Illinois Genetic Marker Center at the University of Illinois. This facility provided the agricultural research community there access to molecular marker technology in a cost effective manner. At Cornell University, he developed a low cost, high-throughput genotyping method commonly known as genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS). While the impetus for developing GBS was to serve the needs of the plant breeding community, the technology has enjoyed wide adoption in many areas of biological research.

In addition to developing the molecular method, he has collaborated in transnational research projects, organized numerous workshops and contributed code to analyze GBS data in a reproducible way. After having set up four high throughput molecular marker service laboratories for others, Rob determined that he could better directly serve the needs of the research community by setting up and running his own lab. He has developed computational systems to track and analyze large genomic data sets and worked with hundreds of scientists on the application of marker technologies in their work. He continues these efforts with his current work which focuses on offering a high quality GBS service, collaboratively building global capability in GBS and related technologies, and generally promoting the democratic application of genetic analysis resources to a wide range of biological questions.

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