We first contacted Rob and Robyn from Peru in 2016, while we were working on a Genotyping-by-Sequencing project for the Peruvian cacao. They have been of a lot of help during all the time, giving us technical support and opinion all the way through. Their patience and involvement were key to the success of this first-of-a-kind genetic study in Peru. Our information was processed using a recently updated pipeline version, which produced 50% more SNPs compared to the previous pipeline. I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks with them in Palmerston North and knowing a lot of behind-the-scene. I got to receive a first-class training on GBS design, analysis and interpretation, as well as great opportunities to discuss about genetic studies with a very important group of experts from around the globe. I will certainly work again with Rob and Robyn.

— Antoine Geneste, CITE, Peru